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Sheraton holds a silent AFCON Final viewing

Some of Miss Uganda contestants at the do (Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe)

Friday night was the end of the one month long 2019 African Cup of Nations competitions. It ended in favor of Algeria that beat Senegal although the revelers who watched from Kampala Sheraton Hotel proved they were Team Senegal if the numbers of the cheers, when Algeria was lifting the cup, was something to go by.

At the Poolside of the Hotel, a big screen was set up to give a clear view of the Football game. Not everyone had come to enjoy the game since the organisers of the viewing chose to double it is a silent disco event.

The drinks and the meals were on the house (Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe)

Three DJs on different channels were playing music but switching from one channel to another which included the Green, Red and Blue channel, one of them had the commentary of the Football game that was going on.

Most of the people settled for the Blue Channel since they were concentrating on the game and others settled for the two channels that was playing music. Drinks on the house were provided by Nile Breweries who offered free Nile special since it is a partner of AFCON. Those who chose to do another brand of drink had to dig deep into their pockets.

Aly Alybai and his family were also celebrating his birthday(Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe)

One of the corners of the venue was reserved for Miss Uganda contestants. They had their headphones on and loudly singing to the different sounds in their headphones.

After the game, all channels were switched to the sounds of Guitarist Myco Ouma and Jose Sax who did sounds of songs like ‘Wankona’ by Sheebah, ‘On The Low’ by Burna Boy and ‘Tukwatagane’ by John Blaq. When they were applauded, Myco Ouma got the microphone and said that a big percentage of the performance was actually dedicated to Talent Africa CEO Aly Alibhai who was celebrating his birthday on the same evening.

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