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Pomp and glitz for Bad Black @ 30

Bad Black during her 30th birthday celebrations (Photo by Eddie Chicco)

The backdrops were painted with different photographs of her, a red carpet neatly ran across the waiting area, guests enjoying cocktails. Black and shiny. That was the theme Bad Black wanted for her 30th birthday.  Guests were expected to respect the theme, so all those that turned up in anything far from it were bounced. The invite-only party attracted mostly socialites and media people.

(Photo by Eddie Chicco)

Bad Black arrived in pompous style — in a convoy of Mercedes Benzes with personalised plates ‘Bad Black’.  Clad in a long black dress, she stepped onto the red carpet in dazzle style.

She answered a few questions from the media, before leading her guests to the 10th floor of Kingdom Kampala. The room sparkled! Fenon Events outdid themselves in the decoration.

(Photo by Eddie Chicco)

At the party, partiers showered with money but it was socialite Don Nasser who stole the show when he gifted Bad Black Shs20m in cash.

Black remained composed and when it was time to give her speech, she was calmer than her usual self. “I have gone through a lot before this age, like going to prison, being a fugitive and now that I am a free woman, I have to celebrate,” Black, real name Shanita Namuyimba, said.

(Photo by Eddie Chicco)

“I have to work for my children between my 30 and 40 years so this celebration is a beginning of an era,” the heavily-expectant mother of two said.

The party went on until the wee hours, with people leaving at leisure.

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