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If you don’t like me, go…. – Mc Kats

MC Kats

Events and TV host Edwin Katamba, known to many as MC Kats, must be one helluva tired human being. Kats, who is one of the best emcees in Uganda, last time assured those who do not like him to go… (we are sorry we do not repeat profanities here). For those familiar with Kats and his language, you will guess the things he could have said but to give you the picture it is close to how we say ‘leave me alone’ but said in a Black-movie-kind-of-way.

All this happened during the recently-concluded Purple Party at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja when one of the revellers asked the emcee to stop talking too much rubbish. “I have worked hard to be on this stage, I have hustled to get my way here, I am not rich but I will never be broke, if you don’t like me, it is your problem, go **** yourself,” Kats said. Uuuuuuhm…okay!


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