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Exploring ability as the Notion dance piece finds way into Theatre

Atuhaire Gavin Musiimentah and Nassali Jessa Vivian (Courtesy Photo)

“What you can do, I can do, it doesn’t matter if you are male or female and yes I can”.  This is the theme that will be driving Tabu Flo star Garvin Atuhairwe’s Dance piece dubbed ‘Notion’ that is set for 22nd July at National Theatre in Kampala.

According to the renowned dancer Mr. Atuhaire, the piece which is written basing on scientific research, cultural believes and norms, religious teachings and political laws seeks to break gender barriers offering solutions to different ideologies over gender.

“Considering all teachings and research, we agree that males and females are differently created in nature biologically but we realized that when it comes to physical and mental abilities, the only limit is the willingness to try out” Mr Atuhaire said.

He also said that through this piece they aim at encouraging everyone that this world can be a safe environment if we all choose to stand in support for each other through love and respect, equal opportunities and privileges, believe and trust in each other.

Notion is a duet dance production of Mr. Atuhaire, and Ms Jessa Vivian Nassali featuring live music production (band) and local instruments.

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