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Diamond Platnumz thrills as Comedy Store goes political 

Diamond Platnumz put up a great show at Comedy Store (Pics By Isaac Ssejjombwe)

Diamond Platnumz on Thursday evening at Comedy Store proved that he’s the Lion of East Africa after putting up a fabulous performance that left the skeptics giving him an emphatic standing ovation. Diamond performed to everyone’s expectations and at most times asked the audience if they still want more.

His one hour performance was full of entertainment, dancing and audience engagement. The ladies were the most impressed as they kept on taking selfies and shooting clips of him. Those who couldn’t hide their excitement jumped on stage, hugged him and even dubbed him at some point.

‘Tetema’, ‘Love you die’, ‘African beauty’, ‘marry you’, ‘Jibebe’ and ‘Nana’ were some of the songs he performed among others. Besides Diamond, King Saha also had his time to shine after he took the crowd into a frenzy with songs such as ‘Biri Biri’, ‘Hullo Hullo’, ‘Mpa love’ and ‘Gundeze’.

King Saha also impressed during his performance (Pics By Isaac Ssejjombwe)

When it came to comedy, Senga Justin Nantume as usual gave the audience her adult advises on how love should be done in the bedroom while comedians T-amale and Bizonto stole the show hitting Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Kabuleta and other society stories.

As usual, Mariachi was the man of the evening as he took his comedy political by daring two individuals, one belonging to NRM and another in People Power on who tips more money. This even got the crowd participating but at the end of the day, we didn’t get the winner.

Eric Omondi (Pics By Isaac Ssejjombwe)

Eric Omondi was average, maybe because he has been in Uganda so many times that the crowd no longer finds him so funny.


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