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A cultural celebration at work

Naava Grey did not disappoint those that turned up for the Fezah Highball at Design Hub on Saturday.

A few days ago during an interview Naava Grey confirmed that her Sony deal is still on. This was after various claims that it was terminated. But unlike before, she admitted that she does more publishing, distribution and writing for other artistes than singing. This proves why such an international label can’t just let go of that talent.

A talent many Ugandans have taken long without seeing on stage. Last Saturday, for many that appreciate music was a moment they couldn’t miss. Naava was headlining yet another Fezah Highball event at Design Hub in the industrial area.

Backed up by the band, Naava dedicated her first session to songs like ‘Kangume’, ‘Ndiwano’, ‘Eminitilye’ and ‘In the Dark’ among others while in her second and last session, it was simply action parked, doing jams such as ‘Ndi, Kyusa’, ‘Nkwetaga’, ‘Nvuuma’, ‘Aliba wanni’, ‘Soka Lami’ and ‘Nteredde’ but the audience couldn’t just leave her to go like that as through Isaac Kudzu who was the emcee of the night they debated which song they needed her to redo. Some people were heard screaming ‘Champion‘, while other went for ‘Nvuuma’ but most people echoed ‘Ninga Omuloge’.

The former Tusker Project Fame contestant took the courtesy of introducing her band members that included Timothy on the keyboard, Aloysious on the acoustic guitar, Isaac on the base guitar among others on the backup. She even credited Larry for his fashion design.

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