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Comedian Mariachi known for extorting the crowd but who cares?

Mc Mariachi

Comedian Mc Mariachi is said to be one of the local comedians who extort from the crowd. This was said in reference to whenever he is cracking jokes on stage, he is asking for money from the crowd who actually give him the money. Comedian Salvador recently joked about Mariachi performing for Shs1M but when he gets on stage, he makes another Shs1M from the crowd to make it Shs2M.

Mariachi has always extorted but the crowd and events organizers seem okay with it perhaps because some give because they want to give so they don’t see it as extortion. Besides extortion, Mariachi is known for pulling crows and making them laugh their lungs out.

According to sources, patrons at Rock Comedy have asked management to always bring Mariachi on the Rock Comedy stage and if it means every week, they don’t have a problem with it. The revelers’ cry didn’t fall on deaf ears as organisers of the Rock Comedy show that happens at Rock Bar every Tuesday are bringing Mariachi to stage tonight.

He returns with other comedians like Boby and Niro, the international comedian Emeka, The Talkers, and 2Mbili. Performances will come from the Shallom Acappella Band and the show will be hosted by Mc Mosh.


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