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Campaign to honor Afrigo Band’s Moses Matovu kicks off

We have seen people from different sectors being honored for their contribution in society but not in the entertainment industry and the performing arts and most especially not in the music industry. Music is probably the one economic sector with a significant portion of the employment and career advancement opportunities available to the country’s youth.

With this said, a journalist known as Robert Karungi Serumaga has spearheaded a campaign to see that veteran musician and instrumentalist Moses Matovu of the Afrigo band is honored. The journalist wants Matovu honored with a PHD in music and according to the information we gathered, he started this campaign over two years ago. He started by going to different universities but yielded nothing so this is his second attempt and it’s slowly getting the attention it deserves.

In his submission, he describes Moses Matovu as a Ugandan musician, working as a composer, arranger, singer, flautist, saxophonist, recording engineer and band leader.

“This document comes in support of the call from the artistic community and lovers of art in general to have him awarded an honorary doctorate for his outstanding contribution to the development of the performing arts in Uganda and specifically, the field of Arts Management, over the last forty-five years.” The document states. He adds that it is addressed to the first national University, Makerere, and comes in the context of section 4, paragraph a) clause of the University Senate’s Honorary Awards Guidelines.

He further points out that no single individual has made a greater contribution to the development and durability of this sector than Mr Moses Matovu, as part of the pioneering group of musicians that developed the modern Ugandan music scene and culture. Many stand on his shoulders. In terms of style, content and ability.

In Conclusion, the former Radio One presenter says that this should not be another case of “Basiima ogenze” because Mr Matovu stands as one of the absolute foundations of Uganda’s arts industry. He stands as a living, practical, home-grown example of what the University teaches.

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