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VIDEO:I am my father’s father – Fresh Kid

Fresh Kid

A few days ago, Fresh Kid’s father Paul Mutabazi was seen in a video clip thanking people for supporting his son Fresh Kid who he highly considers a celebrity but his word articulation and hand gestures have resulted into a challenge and when it comes to challenges, Ugandans are really fast at jumping on them.

Some people have come out on social media doing exactly what he did but in a funnier way and among those is his son Fresh Kid, real name Patrick Senyonjo.

However in Fresh Kid’s challenge, he changed the words. He said, “Ye nze Fresh Kid Tata was Mutabazi paul, mwebale kumuwagila” simply meaning “It’s me Fresh Kid, father to Mutabazi Paul Celeb, thank you for supporting him,” instead of the original clip where the father said “It’s me Mutabazi Paul, father to Fresh Kid celeb, thank you for supporting him.”

Fresh Kid’s clip further puts to rest people’s taunts that it’s indeed the seven year old who supports his father instead of the opposite.

Earlier on, Mr Mutabazi tabled his demands, asking for a house, a car and to be on the team whenever his son has a gig.


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