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Smartness knows no weather. Does it?

Have you ever been out for an event after it has rained so heavily and wondered what some people were thinking when they were selecting their choice of outfit?

The 10th edition of Roast and Rhyme saw revellers watch their favourite artists perform on stage at Jahazi Pier, Munyonyo while feasting on meaty products including beef, chicken and sausages.
But, like it has been recently, the weather was cold and wet.

You would expect many merrymakers to attend the event covered up. But, that was not the case for some guests. Amidst the showers, some attended in their skimpy outfits. By skimpy, I mean too much exposure of the body flesh such as thighs and breasts.

I often don’t mind what individuals wear for outings. I only get concerned when particular weather does not suit certain outfits.
Some of them turned up in shorts and vests for an outing.

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