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Radio’s legacy lives on as Weasel starts releasing his music


It’s almost two years since the passing of legendary singer Mowzey Radio but his fans still seem to be in denial of his passing as most of them still enjoy his old music wondering why God took him a little too early. A few days back, his singing partner Weasel made a brave decision.

Last Friday, Weasel went ahead and released Radio’s new music and the first song he has released is titled ‘Malaika’.

“I’m going to keep releasing Radio’s music. Good thing is we defeated our enemies and their bellies are growing smaller every passing day,” Weasel was heard saying.

Mowzey Radio (R.I.P)

However, this comes at a point when the wrangles between Weasel and Radio’s family are not yet solved. Both parties are still at loggerheads and this is believed to further spark off the altercation.

Earlier on, Weasel released a teaser of the song on the Radio & Weasel Facebook page saying; “MALAIKA Have You Got the new Tune In Town? From The Legendary Him Self Radiology. Install your Radio.”

With this decision, some people from Radio’s side have stated raising questions on whether Weasel is the right person to release the songs. They think he has his hidden agendas of why he’s doing it while some think Weasel is the right person to do it going by the years he worked with Radio.

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