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Nina Roz sends fan off stage for ‘Bad touch’

Nina Roz did not have the best weekend, or even week after what happened to her last Saturday night in Gulu Town. The singer, who was part of the performers at the Bell Jamz All-Star music tour invited a male fan on stage to dance with her, but it looks like she chose the wrong one.

Most of the fans that go on stage are always calm and the bouncers always on standby to avoid any uncomfortable situation, but not this time. Nina Roz, real name Ninah Kankunda, must have regretted why she helped this particular man up to the stage because all he did was give her bad touches and disrespect her.

Nina Roz pushing away the disrespectful fan

A furious Nina, who had been only three minutes on stage, could not stand the abuse and stormed offstage while warning other men about disrespecting women.

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