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Music Producer cheats death

Hilarimafinz after he was beaten and left unconscious

This morning, there were many social media posts and calls about the death of little known Music producer Hilarimafinz real names Hillary Asite at his studio in Kajjansi. The audio producer who works at Greenex Studios in Kajjansi was apparently found dead with his dreads cut off and all his studio equipment taken. One of the members of Audio Producers Association Uganda (APAU) came out to speak about the news.

Speaking to Comodo, one of the members of APAU, he said that he was not yet collected the full details about the death of their fellow producer. “I really can’t tell what killed Hilarimafinz but I am trying to contact the people close to him and I will keep you posted” Comodo said. When he talked of keeping this reporter posted, Comodo meant it and hours later, he came out to say that Hilarimafinz was not dead but is in a very bad condition because he was badly beaten and left unconscious, something that prompted the people who saw him first to say he was dead which was not the case.

Before and after being beaten

Fresh pictures of Hilarimafinz were shared by the person who confirmed that he was still alive but not doing well.

In the same manner, Audio Producer Dan Mukisa known to many as Danz Ku Mapeesa was brutally beaten and later succumbed to death after months in hospital.

Hilarimafinz was a producer and singer behind songs like ‘Happy Friday’, ‘Tell her’ and ‘Lekuru’ among others.

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