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Jackie Chandiru’s condition worsens after a week in hospital

Jackie Chandiru

Last year at Jose Chameleone’s concert that took place on December 7, singer Jackie Chandiru was said to have steadily recovered and out of rehab where she spent a long time to the point that it had become a ‘home’ for her. After that, her name didn’t sound again the media and no one knew about her whereabouts apart from the few people close to her who also chose not to say a word.

Our source this morning told Sqoop that Chandiru’s condition is worse, worse than before and she has been admitted at Naguru General Hospital for a week now. “I have a relative who works at the hospital and she told me that Chandiru’s condition is worrying, her whole body is wounded and I really don’t know what kind of sickness she is suffering from this time round,” the source said. She went on and said that the day she was brought to hospital, she was putting on dirty shoes and one couldn’t easily tell that it was Jackie Chandiru until her details were taken by the hospital management.

After making her first media appearance at the 77 DOGS church service on December 2, Chandiru who was said to have fully recovered performed at Chameleone’s concert. She still owned the energy and while in rehab, she had never forgotten her strong dance moves she also performed at Fik Fameika’s concert on December 7. On March 8, she was invited at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) were she was a celebrity guest speaker at the Anti-Drug Use Campaign, she fainted and was rushed to hospital. Since then, she has not been in the public eye and has out of the media.

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