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Grace Nakimera goes gospel

Grace Nakimera

After missing in action for quite a long time, we had chosen to write off Grace Nakimera, but it looks like not yet. From what we were hearing, the ‘Anfukula’ singer was busy concentrating on her real estate business, meaning that she was not grassing after all.

So imagine our surprise when we heard that she is back to doing music, but this time round she is taking a different direction. Nakimera is back as a gospel artiste and matter of fact, she already has a song – ‘Anviliddeyo’ – which she released early this month.

“A lot has happened with my life. I think I have achieved all I wanted when I was doing secular music. After finding the Lord, I am contented that this is the right path for me,” Nakimera told Sqoop magazine. Nakimera can be remembered for hits such as ‘Kawonawo’, ‘Ani Akumanyi’, ‘Nvawo Nawe’, ‘Sexy’ and ‘Osobola’. Let’s see how this goes.

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