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Chameleone hits at singer Ragga Dee

While performing at Roast and Rhyme last Sunday, Jose Chameleone got a little political, sharing his dreams, the big plans he has for the people of this country and what not. We will skip all that and focus on the business we were minding, which was the things he said about Ragga Dee, Menton Summer, and other artistes from those days. The self-proclaimed music doctor was talking about his hustle and journey in the music industry and as he dropped names, a voice in the audience mentioned Ragga Dee.

“Don’t mention artistes who are not original. Those musicians used to sing on instrumentals from Jamdong (Jamaicans),” Chameleone responded.  And just when we thought he would laugh it off or take it back, instead he repeated the statement. Now we are not sure whether he repeated this for emphasis or just so we could get the quote, all we know Ragga Dee gave the people some good vibes at the last edition of Roast and Rhyme.


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