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Chagga finally lands manager job after falling out with Weasel

Geoffrey Kyagambidwa, commonly known as Chagga is back in play just months after he fell out with Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel. He has been the manager of Goodlyf but his relationship with one of the Mayanja brothers has been on and off until it ended some months back.

Apparently he has been unemployed but because of his expertise in the industry, Aly Alibhai, proprietor of Talent Africa thought it wise to bring him on board as one of the managers. Chagga will take on the responsibility with immediate effect as Beenie Gunter’s manager who has also just been signed.

According to the ‘Seekle down’ artiste, Chagga is his new manager although they are both under Talent Africa. “He’s going to be in charge of ground bookings and interviews among other things on the local scene. He’s been assigned to be my manager,” Beenie Gunter confirmed to us.

After Chagga quit Leone Island because of his differences with Chameleone, he grassed for some time until the Goodlyf doors opened for him. He was the duo’s manager for more than six years until the passing of Mowzey Radio last year.

From that moment Weasel, the other half of Goodlyf started bickering with Chagga and on a number of occasions dismissed him. It’s just been a few hours since he was appointed Beenie Gunter manager under Talent Africa.


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