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International award winner Judith Adong returns to theatre with ‘Niqabi Ninja’

Judith Adong (middle) Rehearsing with the cast (Photo by Gabriel Buule)

Ugandan playwright , filmmaker  and the recipient of last years’ Prince Claus Award Judith Adong  will be adding to the pool of several arty theatre works as she will be unleashing  ‘Niqabi Ninja’ at the National theatre in Kampala.

‘Niqabi Ninja’ is a superhero story and a tale of a Vigilante prompting to challenge some of the issues she has confronted in life as well as unearthing the menace of sexual harassment. The Egyptian inspired story will be directed by Ms Adong, co – produced by Andrew Jedidiah Ssebagala and Silent voices Uganda, starring acclaimed actors who include Uganda’s Rehema Nanfuka, Malaika and Zimbabwean Lisa Gutu.

According to Co-Producer Andrew Ssebagala, the play will be staged for five (5) consecutive days at National theatre starting July 19th.

About The Play

The play is about Hana a young illustrator from Cairo, who is creating a series of images that document her experiences of sexual harassment. These images are forming a graphic novel depicting the adventures of her imaginary heroine, the Niqabi Ninja, but her heroin seems all too real. Combining testimony with humorous fiction, Niqabi Ninja captures the anger, the frustration, the absurdity and the danger every young woman must learn to live with, whether it’s walking down the street, going out to have some fun or going to a demonstration.

The play is originally written in reaction to the mob sexual assaults in Tahrir Square, which took place between 2012 and 2014 in Cairo; Niqabi Ninja is a revenge Fantasy and Original story of a young Woman’s transformation into Cairene Vigilante and the Journey through rape culture that brought her to this point.

About the Director

Ms Adong is a Prince Claus laureates and the first Ugandan to claim the title. She is the brain behind the several theatre plays like ‘Just Me’, ‘You and the Silence’, ‘Silent Voices’, ‘Rock Point 256’ (2005), ‘River Yei Junction’ (2007), ‘Take My Hand’ (2011) and ‘GA-AD’.


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