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Pulling off the men’s silk shirt

SILKY AFFAIR: We have seen trends come and go. The latest for the men’s wardrobe is the silk shirt which seems to catch on with many a trendy man.

It is 2019 people. Nothing about today’s fashion trends is basic, or normal. And I am sure you have noticed that majority of the looks that will be turning heads are not basic looks. I mean at some point, men were wearing lace shirts.

And now high on our style recommendations this week is the silk shirt. Before we go any further, please note that this trend will only have you winning if you wear this shirt in authentic silk fabric. Anything less of that will have you looking like a band member from one of those 80s dance troupes.

Here is how you work your way around this vintage and very stylish top: The beauty about this shirt is that you will have a completely different look each time, depending on what bottoms you wear. The easiest and most effortless choice should be denims. Whether you choose to have them ripped, washed out or skinny; the choice is yours. Ensure that your shirt’s hue is cohesive with the colour of your pants. You can add a pair of boots, or loafer slippers for accessories.

If you are the kind that loves to live off the edge, and daring is your middle name, then the pajama inspired look will be perfect for your silk shirt, This means you are going to wear it with a matching silky pair of trousers, and possibly a pair of loafers or slide slippers. Take the look a notch higher by adding a robe and some slim sunnies.

You could also decide to make the look a bit more relaxed by opting for some khaki shorts, a silk shirt, possibly worn as a button down. This is highly recommended for those that have spent sleepless nights at the gym, building up those abs. This is the perfect way to show off your masterpieces!

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