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What about Jose Chameleone’s ‘rainbow’ outfit


Most social media users were critical of the outfit you made for Chameleone. Do you think you could have done better?
Negativity is everywhere. People will say anything and it is their opinion. But those who know design and art, appreciated it. Those who do not know the value of art are the ones who are bashing the outfit but I do not blame them.
I gave the outfit my best. I did something that I believed was appealing both to the young and old, stylish and one that would blend in the function he was performing at.
It goes without mentioning that I received congratulatory messages from renowned fashion designers.

What is the name of this outfit?
I call it ‘Exclusive rainbow outfit. It was exclusively for Dr Jose Chameleone.

Why the rainbow outfit?
Because of the different colours, I used on the vest top and pant. They resemble a rainbow. I wanted to mix up bright colours and I achieved that.

Does this mean you can’t make such for anyone else?
It would depend. In the beginning, I wanted it to stay exclusive but now that I have some positive feedback from different people, I think I can make another outfit.

How long did it take you to make this outfit?
One day.

Where did you get the fabric you used?
Chameleone bought the fabric from Bahrain where he had gone for a performance a few days earlier. He asked me to come up with something nice out of it.

To what other occasions can you wear this outfit?
This outfit was designed for the stage and mainly the event he was going to perform at. It reflects the stage lights and adds beauty to the artiste.

What inspired this design?
After Chameleone brought the fabric, he explained to me the nitty-gritty of the event he was going to wear it at and the kind of people attending. I also had prior knowledge of the event and the audience.
So I created something that puts him in that class of people he was going to perform for so I made the waistcoat that matched the casual pants and a floral see-through white shirt.

When did you become a fashion designer?
I started before I met Chameleone and before I started singing. I was a tailor before all this at Kalerwe (Kibe zone).
Is this what you do besides music?
Yes I’m a professional tailor only dealing in exclusive outfits. I only do fashion designs on order.
Where did you learn fashion designing from?
I learnt on the street. I used to see how my friends used to do it and I practised. With time I became an expert. But that is simply because I loved this job.
Besides Chameleone, who else have you designed for?
I have made outfits for other people such as King Saha, Nina Roz, Roden Y and Judith Heard.

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