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If you want to outcompete someone, ‘stalk’ them – Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda



Unique and trendy. Herbert Kityamuweesi, alias Crysto Panda, is a presenter of the T-Nation show on NTV Uganda. He is a TV personality and popular events emcee. Phionah Nassanga talked to him.

How did you feel after receiving your first pay?
I was happy but what ran in my mind was to clear off all my debts. I was on probation for a whole year. I had to take my siblings back to school and also fulfil my late mother’s dream of completing school. It was tough.

How is it like being on probation for a year?
It takes patience and a positive outlook towards life. During this period, I had to quit school because I could not afford tuition. I had so many unpaid debts because I used to borrow money to cater for daily bills like for transport. No matter how challenging it was, I did not give up. Today, I don’t regret it.

When did you start singing?
I started singing in 2008, while in high school. I was inspired by a beautiful girl I had a crush on. I teamed up with some boys at school, wrote a love song for her, which I sang at one of the school events. But none of the students knew who I was referring to in that song. I did not do any music from that time until 2017.
What qualities do you look out for in a woman?
A partner who is very supportive and understands the kind of job I do. She should be religious, focused and beautiful.

What do you consider when buying outfits?
I always look for unique and trendy outfits which can appeal to my audience. I love jackets, jeans, trench coats, chains and watches.

What is the best gift you have ever received in a relationship?
It was a perfume. It was a gift from my ex- girlfriend. I still remember how nice it smelt.


What is your most memorable childhood moment?
There was a time I picked money from my mother’s bag without her permission. I used it to buy pens, sugarcanes and pancakes for pupils at school. When I went back home, my mother beat me up with a banana stem. From that day, I promised myself never to take what does not belong to me.

How do you handle stalkers?
I never say no or yes to stalkers. I befriend them. Before long, they will realise that there is no chemistry between us. When a woman says I love you and your response is I don’t, she will hate you and start bad-mouthing you.

What are your future plans?
I am planning to leave T-Nation next year. I want to build a record label with young talent, selected from different schools I go to. Charles James Senkubuge helped me through school. I am also aiming at starting a charity organisation.

If you got her cheating, would you forgive her?
If she gives me a genuine reason, I would consider forgiving her. I cheated on my girlfriend once. But when I explained why it had happened, she forgave me. I believe everyone cheats but they never admit.

How do you describe yourself?
I am a fun loving person. Sometimes sarcastic but open minded. However, some think I am a savage.

What do you do during leisure time?
I watch TV a lot when you want to outcompete someone, you must ‘stalk’ them to see the unique things they do.

Advice to young people
Respect yourselves and the world will respect who you are. Do not force people to like you, just do what you think is right.


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