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SMACKISTS got served haha

Winnie Nwagi

Being in a single school is an extreme sport. Odds are forever against you every single day. It’s already a hustle to survive with kayasi taking residence in your life and now there is another hustle of keeping your raging hormones at bay. No one should lie to you, adolescence is a prick  and we all went through it, right from the notorious kids down to the savedees.

Yes, those boys who led Prayer and Worship at school chapels got attacked by adolo the most. They peeped through windows to catch a glimpse of the hot girls who visited from other schools. And then we had the other shameless ‘animals’ who camped near the school gate like starved hyenas waiting to prey on the ‘innocent’ girls.

Turns out the girls were not any different. Seeing someone of the opposite sex was a relief, the hormones went wild. Trying to look normal while the needs of the body riot is something else. They don’t train you for this stage in life. It lands on you like a train of bricks.

Any school functions where girls showed face had you treading on your morals if you were in a single school. You second guessed everything from your words to your sanity. Boys and girls sweated equally. The adverse effects of untamed adolescence have manifested well in Sunsas and Ngonians alumni straight into their adulthood. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. Just look for them at campus.

So you can only imagine how those SMACK boys felt when they saw the voluptuous Winnie Nwagi performing at the school. Whether she danced in a raunchy way or not, I am sure it didn’t matter much to  them. It’s like children at a zoo, everything looks unbelievable! Poor kids couldn’t help themselves. They were served a ‘meal’ they were simply not ready for right in their yard.

Trust the boys who got served by Nwagi to instantly become legends just like that. They will sag pants for the rest of the week and remain the envy of their friends for generations to come. For those who missed will rue their luck. Maybe only if they had gotten there faster or outmuscled their friends to make it on stage. It’s a war. Being young is stupid. I laugh at the things that excited us as teenagers. Imagine all these girls we lost sleep over didn’t even have hair, just imagine. Plain! plain! The ‘kaweke’ girl child back in the day had the nerve not to reply our mail. How! Abominable!

Well Winnie Nwagi, you tortured those boys. Such wiggling is not safe for boys whose voices just started breaking and recently traced their first beard. It kills them. You killed them and ruined the rest of their term. Biology practicals came early to be honest.

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