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Ugandans Take Cranes, Zimbabwe AFCON Match ‘war’ to Twitter

Evelyn Nakayi the twar(twitter war) queen who started the war against Zimbabwe

Social media seems to get more interesting as each day goes by as people come up with all sorts of crazy ideas the latest being the hashtag (#UGAZIM) that is trending on twitter. Ahead of the second game of Group A match at the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Egypt between Uganda and Zimbabwe, nationals from both countries have taken the war to social media. It is a twitter war that was initiated by a one queen of twar (twitter war) Evelyn Nakayi (twitter handle) two days ago against Zimbabweans and shook the entire country who later joined in on the war.

It is well known that the 2019 Africa cup of nation’s 32nd edition started last week on Friday the 21st and we have our very own Uganda Cranes team representing. Uganda cranes had a match against Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday the 22nd which was a total success for our team as the match ended with a 2-0 score.

Initially, a number of Ugandans asked Nakayi to apologise to Zimbabweans for the attacks on their country and nationals but many more soon joined the banter under the hastag #UGAZIM mocking the the looks and smiles of the countries’ respective presidents, grammar of the twitterers, beauty queens from both countries, economy, corruption scandals.

The match which is scheduled to take place today will have Uganda crane battling with Zimbabwe and if our very own Uganda cranes wins this one, it will be an automatic push to the next level, if it’s a draw, things will not be so good but better yet not so bad but if it loses, it won’t be the end of everything but it will have to win its next match against Egypt which won’t be easy because Egypt isn’t a team you battle with and win easily.

Out of the countries’ patriotism, Ugandans and Zimbabweans have taken this battle to twitter making all sorts of funny tweets about the state of their opponents’ countries accompanying them a hashtag (#UGAZIM).

Basing on the level at which this is trending, the losing team will be left in a very traumatic situation. Here are some tweets;

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