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No more free Media interviews from Ann Kansiime

Anne Kansiime

Comedian Ann Kansiime has set tough conditions for journalists in case they need interviews from her. Through her YouTube channel, she has come out and said that for a journalist to get content from her, they need to first of all pay her and then be able to leave all the content with her.

“Me I’ve surrendered, journalists forget. In fact the next time you want Ann to answer any question or give you content. First of all meet me where I am, facilitate me for my content and then be ready to leave that content with me. Share,” she assured.

She says that she reached this conclusion because media has not been supportive to her yet they always come to her for content.  “I’m giving you content but when you journalists for instance you have a show coming up, you hustle to get them to give you a platform, to give you interviews, you line up to bench.

Ann Kansiime further reveals that since she has her YouTube channel, she can be able to upload everything she needs without any hustle.

“I have lost the love and zeal to do to interviews with anyone and maybe partly because we are empowered right now because if there is anything I want to tell you I will just point the camera in my face and I tell it to you but mostly because I feel these interviews we keep doing don’t work for us, for our brands and our continents.”

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