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Kleith Plays Good Samaritan, Offers To Pay Fresh Kid’s Dad’s Visa to Dubai

Kleith Kyatuhaire the good Samaritan willing to pay for Fresh Kid’s father’s Visa

Youngster Patrick Ssenyonjo a.k.a Fresh Kid’s father Paul Mutabazi can finally have hope of stepping on a plane after good Samaritan Marketing Executive of Get Quick International the beautiful has offered to pay for his travel Visa to Dubai.

Few days after reaching a pact over shares of young rapper Patrick Senyonjo aka Fresh Kid’s music fortunes, his father Paul Mutabaazi and music manager Kamoga Francis are at loggerheads once again. This comes after Fresh Kid was booked for a show in Dubai set for 7th July 2019.

Fresh Kid with his father

This entire week, his father has been all over media ranting with drama saying he cannot stay behind and has to go as the father of the boy. All this drama was because the promoter had offered only two travel tickets; to the young rapper and his manager but Mutabazi requested the manager to stay behind or else the show gets cancelled.

Clearly he serves a living God as he may get lucky and travel after Kleith Kyatuhaire who is also a former TV presenter with NTV offered to pay for his visa and called on her followers to cater for the ticket.

Kleith offered to pay for the Visa and her followers to pay for the ticket because she believes there is nothing better than Fresh Kid working with his parent.

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