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Is Irene Ntale hitting at Swangz Avenue bosses?


A screenshot of Irene Ntale’s tweet


Two years ago, singer Irene Ntale threw in the towel at Swangz Avenue, a music label that picked her and made her the big female music star that she now is. Well, her reason falling out with one of the best music labels in Uganda has up to now never been known but when she left, they focused on Vinka who some think is better than Ntale when it comes to music delivery.

Irene Ntale

Ntale has been managed by the sister ever since she left the label and after her Ntale Unchained concert at Serena last year, she moved to Nigeria and it is where she is currently based. When we thought she is living a good life after Swangz, it seems like the singer is back to haunt the former bosses. Well how we think she attacked, she was too smart that she can easily jump out of it because she never mentioned any names.

Julius Kyazze and Benon Mugumbya

Ntale on her twitter page posted a statement that left many guessing but majority guessed the same. She tweeted and said that “I once met a tall fat man and a short man with a rugged looking face #Staytuned.” This left people saying the tall fat man was Benon Mugumbya and the short man with a rugged face is Julius Kyazze. The two, Kyazze and Mugumbya are the founders of Swangz Avenue.

Our efforts to get to Ntale to comment about her post on twitter were futile as she didn’t respond to our WhatsApp call.



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