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Mathias Walukagga stings Gilbert Bukenya

Walukaga asking for money from Bukenya

The troubles haunting Gilbert Bukenya might be stretching a little further than we imagined. Forget the drama y’all know about, we talking contents of his pockets here. The former vice president was one of the people that attended Mesach Semakula’s concert last Friday and things did not look so good for the mahogany.

During his performance, Mathias Walukagga kept throwing jibes at Bukenya, claiming he has no money anymore. The latter, to prove things are not that bad for him, called Walukagga to his table and handed him a ka 20K. “Wagwamu bwotyo?” literally meaning “Are you so broke to this extent?” Bukenya, a little embarrassed, then dug deep in his wallet and forked out another 20K. Walukagga left the table cursing.

SMH…No respect for elders just!

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