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GNL Zamba wins first ever international award

GNL Zamba with the wife at the award ceremony

It has definitely been a while since Luga flow King Ernest Nsimbi aka GNL Zamba who regarded as one of the biggest rappers in the Uganda won an award. That however changed a few days ago when the rapper bagged an international award. The US based rapper and his wife Tamara are all smiles after winning their first international accolade in Independent Music awards.

They won the Best World Beat Song category for their ‘Leo Ni Leo’ song despite being nominated in four categories which included; Best Debut Album – Nsimbi, Best Worldbeat Song – Leo Ni Leo, Best Spoken Word – Acholi Boy, and Best Narrative Music Video – Dunia Ni Matembezi.

GNL Zamba

“We took home the award for Best Worldbeat Song for Leo Ni Leo & had the audience up dancing when we closed out the ceremony with our live performance at the Independent Music Awards, we were excited to win our first International award as a cross-cultural duo especially for our fans all over the world and World music culture as a whole Thanks to the Independent Music Awards for also allowing us the opportunity to rock the stage closing Finale,” the rapper posted on social media.

They also saved the best for last by putting up a memorable performance at the award ceremony that left the crowd on their feet giving them a standing ovation.

GNL Zamba left Uganda a few years ago to start a new life in the states, a new life that we believe involves pursuing an acting career and this was after he was seen in some scene of a yet to be released film. Aside his other hustles, he still hasn’t given up on music even though he changed genres. He’s now doing ‘Nsimbi’ style together with his wife.


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