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Fresh Kid’s dad bows down to pressure, accepts son to travel

Fresh Kid with his father Paul Mutabaazi


Finally, Mr Paul Mutabaazi, Fresh Kid’s father has given his son the blessing to travel to Dubai without him. He had previously refused Fresh Kid to go with manager Francis Kamoga despite the organizer of the two shows providing only two air tickets. Well, after with the back and forth disagreements here and there, the father has come out and withdrawn his earlier statements.

“I trust the manger with my son and I will escort them to the airport when the day comes. I talked to manager Kamoga to talk to the promoter in Dubai and inform him that I will be staying in Uganda so the shows are on,” said the father in an interview with a local TV station.

Manager Francis and Fresh Kid

He however added that this wasn’t his decision alone apparently, it involved the Ministry of Gender through Mr Pius Bigirimana who called him and Kamoga for a meeting. Bigirimana said that if the tickets are only two, the show should be cancelled. “That is why I was forced to bent towards the oragniser’s demands and make the right decision of letting my son go with the manager” he added.

He further revealed that they first had to get two documents stating where the shows are going to take place and all the other details. One is to be taken to the school while another copy is for the ministry. With that, he was allowed to sign the release papers.


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