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Dj Rham gives Fresh Kid’s dad one more shot

Fresh Kid

Rumors have been circulating that the two Asia shows that Fresh Kid born Patrick Senyonjo was booked for have been cancelled. Well, not yet. The shows however hang in balance and this is all up to Fresh kid’s father according to the promoter known as Dj Rham

Paul Mutabazi, Fresh Kid’s father

The promoter says that he booked Fresh Kid through his manager Francis and not the father and with this, they agreed that the seven year old is slated to perform on cultural events happening on the 7th of next month in Dubai and then on the 8th in Abu Dhabi. “I had already bought 2 tickets and 2 Visas for the artiste and manager Francis,” Dj Sham revealed.

DJ Rham

But after he learnt of the disorganizations that Mr Paul Mutabaazi, the father of the artiste had caused, he’s thinking of cancelling the two shows. “I’m ready to cancel the show and count my losses but what I’m against is the father coming with the manager and the artiste. If the father doesn’t want his son to perform, they should just let us know.” said the promoter.


The Dj said that he’s okay with Mr Paul Mutabazi coming to Dubai before the dates of the show or after so long as he doesn’t intervene in the boy’s performance. He then advised the father to let the boy and manager do what they are supposed to do and also do his job as a father because if they continue intervening in his career, they are going to kill his talent.

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