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Clay Dance Company to celebrate 10 years in style

The Clay Dance Company during a performance

Ten years is a longtime, time and again we have seen many artistes celebrating the milestone with big concerts at big venues. In dance, ten years is like a life-time so it is something worth celebrating which is why the The Clay  Dance Company has organised something to celebrate their 10 year milestone.

A dance theatre show choreographed and performed by Clay Dance Company and produced by Batalo East will be held at the Uganda National Cultural Centre (National Theater) on Sunday, 14th July and promises a performance showcasing and celebrating 10 years of Clay Dance Company.

This is going to be a performance welcoming you to the Potter’s workstation. A sneak peek into the humans of Clay: their Lives, Loves and Struggles as well as ten years of molding, crafting and chiseling away.

Clay Dance Company is an amazing collection of dancers with a heart for God, who seeks to create dance movement that is like clay in God’s hands, to be molded into any of several genres of dance.

“While we had our roots in contemporary modern dance, we have evolved to learn an array of dances and continue to search and develop new dance styles most importantly in the area of Christian living and worship,” said Lillian Allyinza on behalf of Clay Dance Company.


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