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Chameleone joins Democratic Party

Singer Jose Chameleone speaking at DP Headquarters at City House

Even in politics, Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone is still confusing people. One time he’s chilling and praising People Power movement, the next time he’s putting his thumb up and worshiping NRM.

Yesterday, the oldest political party in Uganda was jubilating as the legendary musician decided to visit their offices and get endorsed by them. This is however the second time in a few days he’s visiting Democratic Party offices only that the last time, he was seen wearing a People Power barrette.

This time, he went with his brother Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso. “Chameleone oyee. I thank you so much my brothers, sisters, friends for the love you have shown me over the years. Because of that love, I have also decided to show you the same love by making the city great the way it’s supposed to be. I wanted to come as an independent candidate because I didn’t want to affiliate myself to one party but when I visited DP in Jinja, I was shown enough love and from that time I decided to belong to this party and it’s the ticket and card I’m going to move with,” he said.

Jose Chameleone is vying for Kampala mayor seat and if what we received is anything to go by, he will be up against Erias Lukwago who is also a member of DP among other candidates. “Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleone and his brother Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso have officially joined the Democratic Party.” The official Democratic Party social media posted.

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