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How John Blaq’s first trip out of Uganda went down

John Blaq arrives in London.

Last week, local singer John Blaq boarded a plane for the very first time, to no other place, but London.

On his way to the airport, the Tukonectinge singer recorded a video expressing his excitement about his show that happened on Saturday June 8th.

He also told off all those that despised him and those that spread rumours that he had been denied a visa.

“Some of you said I never got a visa. Here it is,” he said, while showing off his brand new passport.

“For those that wished me well, thank you for your prayers. My Visa did not take long, I got much earlier but I didn’t get the time to come and out tell you my fans.”

His passport was sparkling new, showing that he had not travelled out of the country before.

The artist updated his fans about every step of the way. Upon his arrival in London, he shared a video.

“At first people said John Blaq never got a visa, they said I will never go to UK, but I got my visa, and as I speak, I am in London.”

Saturday night, he performed at Royal Regency, alongside Chosen Becky and David Lutalo.

He returns to Uganda today.

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