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I hate quarrelsome women and attention seekers- Kalema

Simon Kalema

KNIGHT. Simon Kalema, 45, is an actor and artiste. He is a father of two. His acting career started in 1998, in a play called Daisy. In 1999, he formed the first urban music group dubbed the Perfect Generation with the hit song Kakokolo. He shared his story with Phionah Nassanga.

What inspired you into acting?
In 1998, I joined VCL as a graphics designer. But my talent as an actor was later identified by John Katende. He trained and groomed me into the person I am today. My first time to act was in a play called Daisy, where I acted as Dr Magembe.
What challenges do artistes face?
I do not consider life as a challenge because we are bound to go through tough and hard times, anyway. I consider them as tests. I believe there is no soft landing in any profession.
What are your life principles?
Whatever I do, I give it my best. I never aim for good or great but the best. Time keeping is one of the greatest principles that I uphold. Those who do not respect time lose out on opportunities. I believe in teamwork and would not wish to outshine my team members. That is why when I am working with a group of people, I push everyone to the limit to bring out the best.
How was it like the first time you went on a date?
I was uncomfortable. The date was proposed by a girl, who had shown interest in me. I had never thought that girls open up about their feelings. She took me to Sheraton Hotel, at a place that was called Rhino pub. I remember her asking me very many questions.
What can’t you tolerate in a relationship?
A quarrelsome partner. I am a quiet person but once my spouse starts quarreling, the best I can do is walk away. Sometimes men cannot stand someone who quarrels endlessly, because they may end up fighting.

Do you hope to fall in love again?
I do not think I will be falling in love soon. I fear taking that direction. The fact that I am growing older, I see things in different lenses. But who knows? Maybe in my 60s, I will find the love of my life.
What is your take on youth who date sugar mummies or sugar daddies?
Desperacy makes young people fall in love with with people older than them. In most cases, they do not want to work. Many think it is acceptable because they need to survive. But these are people from two different generations where one will always feel cheated by the other.
How do you deal with stalkers?
At times, I do not respond to them. If I do, I politely sweet talk them away. However, I give mean responses.
to stubborn stalkers

Do you believe in love at first sight?
At my age, not any more. I do not want to say that I have seen it all, but love at first sight is in novels, movies, fairytales and soap operas. The world has evolved so much and it appears that most people are just accommodating each other. The rate at which people are wedding and divorcing is alarming. We have become target workers.
What is the glue that holds relationships together?
Communication, understanding each other and honesty. When you do not communicate to your partner, you never know what they are planning to do.

What irritates you about woman?
I hate attention seekers. They will do anything in the name of recognition. If it means being nude, they will do so.
What has love taught you?
It has taught me to be patient and to guard jealously, what I have. Sometimes, you never know what you have until you lose it. I have learnt to hold onto what I have so dearly.

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