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Fresh Kid’s parents, manager bicker as he officially starts school


When child rapper Fresh Kid signed a memorandum of understanding with his new school, Kampala Parents’ School management last week, his parents were over the moon with the father, Paul Mutabazi paying tribute to the seven-year-old for enabling him sit in a ‘big conference room with big people.’

A few days down the road, however, the Bambi singer’s mother, Madrine Namata has asked for government help accusing Mutabazi of forcefully getting the sensational singer out of Francis Kamoga’s management and trying to exploit his son’s fortune to his advantage.

She has demanded that Fresh kid be returned to Francis or to her home instead.

“I appeal to the government to help me. I single-handedly raised Fresh Kid after his father abandoned us. Fresh Kid’s father (Mutabazi) is fighting for him now because he wants his money. He thinks that I’m being paid a lot of money by Francis. He’s just after Fresh Kid’s money. He even demanded that Francis gets him a new job because his current job (manicure) embarrasses him since he’s a father to a celebrity,” Namata told Spark TV.

Mutabazi on Wednesday told Spark TV that he’s staying with the singer in Naguru, a Kampala suburb because it’s closer to the school.

“Fresh Kid’s management has not changed. What has changed is his place of abode. I now stay with him in Naguru but Francis is still his manager,” Mutabazi said after dropping off the singer at school.

When contacted, Kamoga said he had chosen to stay away from the fight between Mutabazi and Namata because those families issues.

“I’m just a manager. The fight is between his mother and father. I get Fresh Kid whenever I want,” he said.

Before he was given a scholarship by Ruparelia Foundation, Fresh Kid was staying with Kamoga in Kawanda and going to St Agnes Primary school.


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