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A meaty high at East African Meat Carnival


Chef Kaheru serves revellers. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE


If there is one thing Ugandans love more than their beer or even in equal measure, it is their meat. We have heard stories of people who do not know any other sauce that is not meaty. You will serve them beans or kinyebwa and they will wait to eat, waiting to be served the real sauce — something meaty.

It was, therefore no surprise that on Saturday hundreds of meat lovers ditched their usual Saturday proggie for a chance to indulge in an assortment of meats at the East African Meat Carnival.
The event, which took place at The Gardens, Najjera, was organised under My Food Network and saw people indulge in various meats cooked in many different ways; grilled, roasted, boiled, fried and all other ways people cook meat.

The attitude you give someone begging for some

Mark Kaheru, a chef famed for his cookery expertise, was the lead chef at the event and his servings left many licking their fingers in satisfaction and others begging for more from his cooking pots.
As chefs and food fanatics were absorbed in their cooking, the crowd got busy with other fun activities such as playing cards and music dance-offs.
Being a UTAKE evening at the venue, only East African music was on the DJ’s playlist. And we all know how meat goes well with Bongo Flava, Kadongo Kamu and Kidandali.

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