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Ugandan Tweeps go “so Ugandan” over hilarious thesis thread


n here, people do not exist in religions, or races. They exist in newly evolved groups, perfectly woven from scratch. Here are some of the groups you will find on Twitter

e all have friends and relatives we can turn to when the going gets tough and we need an extra coin for this or that. But Ugandans have taken this soliciting for money a little too far and if a Twitter thread started by @shutterMAI_Landby is anything to go by, many people are getting tired of it.

On May 17th, @shutterMAI_Landby, tweeted, “What would your “so Ugandan” Thesis topic be? Lesss go”.

The replies were nothing short of hilarious. One after the other, people gave thesis topics on money, language, politics, dogs and everything in between. It was clear however that the constant demands of money by workmates, dealers and strangers, was on top of people’s minds.

One tweep, @beewol gave his idea of an interesting thesis:

Aidah who uses the Twitter handle @msbatya added her thoughts too:

The twitter thread got even more interesting. Adelle Agb talked about the much touted belief that once someone has put on weight then there is some money behind it.

Jose Vuba whose Twitter handle is @Khabeelah proposed the line that everyone in this country who has lent someone some money or who is owed money has definitely heard:

Apart from the money issues however, there were others who suggested different topics. Nimusiima on the handle @AggieNims touched on a topic that many middle and senior level managers have been guilty of doing:

Brian Ntambirweki had to go for that phrase that Bad Black sorta made famous:

Isaac Muganwa on @aimug went political and his idea was about that bush that many people are tired of being reminded about, especially because bushes do not put food on the table.

@Lukyandrew continued with the politics talk, obviously irritated like many over the kind of Members of Parliament we have in the August House.

On Day two, May 19th, the topics were still pouring in. @BrightSide_Ug shared his trying to find a relationship between opposition politicians and donor money.

Some hinted on relationships, such as @Mr_rugamba’s:

The thread although funny certainly revealed the numerous things that annoy people. For all the tweets we saw however, none of them hinted at or raised a positive thing about Uganda worth doing a thesis on. Perhaps, we suggest, an analysis can be done on, “Abantu Bakowu” – a phrase used by people to mean they are tired of public and private wrongs done to them regardless of whether it was their fault or not.

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