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Not Martha Kay’s fault- Female Youth MP


Martha Kay

By now, perhaps every Ugandan with a smartphone knows who socialite Martha Kay is.

Before May 31, 2019, Martha Kay was simply known as the range Rover girl.

Since Friday morning, social media has been buzzing with Martha Kay’s nude photos allegedly leaked by her vengeful boyfriend.

In the photos, mostly shared on Whatsapp, Martha whose other name is Kagimba is seen in a shower posing for the camera naked, although some people have argued that they were doctored.

In just one and a half hours of circulation, Martha became the most popular subject on social media. By 2 pm, she was the most trending topic on Twitter with over 4,000 tweets.

Several people, including politicians, reacted to the photos.

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One of the people who gave their opinion is Anna Ebaju Adeke, the National Female Youth MP in the 10th Parliament.

In an exchange with one of the social media users who had described Martha as an irresponsible girl, Anna said the public should not be too quick to judge because it wasn’t her fault.

“ a woman, you should know better. The photos were not taken on Kampala road. They were privately taken and vengefully leaked. That’s not Martha’s fault. So they were not meant to be public. And yes she is still beautiful,” Anna commented.

“…you are responsible? Self-righteousness will finish you. It’s just that we don’t know your personal life because you are little known publicly but you are not perfect,” Anna added I rejoinder.


Martha Kay who had lived in Haiti for some time before relocating back to Kampala, got her limelight breakout when her Range Rover video clip went viral. The attention she got thereafter seems to have shocked her too, going by what on Friday.


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