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Lydia Jazmine to be a mother

For all the time we have known Lydia Jazmine, we have not known an official suitor of hers.

All the stories we usually get are of her managers and then we never hear of them again. However, one thing we have noticed is that this beautifully endowed girl loves children and she shows it during her birthday celebrations when she celebrates with children in different orphanages.

On these times, she buys stuff and shares with them. And now we have learnt that Jazmine is going to be a mummy to a girl and there is a name already – Mata Mirembe. “You know the most beautiful part of it all, I got myself a daughter, Mirembe Mata, a two-year-old orphan.

We fell in love at first sight. I am officially taking over as her mommy. I will see her through school and all,” Jazmine said. Wow! We cannot be any happier and prouder for you girl, we hope Mata brings you joy!

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