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Levixone for Pastor Bugingo entourage

If you have been following the drama surrounding Pr Aloysious Bugingo’s 29-year-old marriage, then you might know that any chances of redemption are between slim and zero.

The pastor of Makerere-based House of Prayer Ministries International is planning to marry another woman (not the news) in a lavish wedding expected to happen at Namboole stadium.

Well, what we have learnt is that among the men that will stand by him is gospel musician Levixone. And no, he will not be there as an artiste but from what we came across, the artiste is not booked to perform but will rather be one of the groomsmen.

Pr Bugingo and Levixone are close buddies and the pastor was among the first people that the latter run to for help when he was planning his concert last year.

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