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GoT: Look at all those ten years

A scene from the show

When Game of Thrones premiered in 2011, probably half the people watching it today did not pay attention.

It was a hell of two or three confusing episodes that were struggling to establish the seven kingdoms, most people then did not even have to watch the weekly episode since they only stumbled upon a finished season.

But by season three, the show had a cult following, a number of Emmy awards to their name and top on all fun people’s agenda.

For instance, on DSTV’s channels, the show used to telecast almost weeks after the season wrapped in the early seasons but as seasons pilled, it went from weeks to days, hours and today, the show airs express from the US.

Yet, even when many Ugandans have sacrificed their sleep to catch an episode every Monday morning, the current season that wraps today feels like a let down.

It has obviously not met the enthusiasm that had waited for it when they premiered in April. Since episode three, most people watching have felt like they have waited this long for nothing.

Of course things started with the death of who was supposed to be the biggest villain in TV history, the white walker, during what has always been termed as the great war, half the audience thought his demise compared to the time waited for his coming did not match each other.

Then there was that whole Jon Snow and Dany romance, totally uninspired to deaths of key characters like Missandei or even last week, the major antagonists.

For faithfuls, the shows have not done enough to develop characters in their final installment, some feel that the writers must have been rushing to finish the show.

The backlash this season is too much that a group of faithfuls have even petitioned the producers to have the entire season redone.

As curtains come down on this great show, of course the question is whether or not you will watch it burn one more time, whether you will feel that this was the ending you waited for since 2011.

But regardless of what happens, Game of Thrones was a great show, and like all of them, they are divisive as they end, this won’t be the first.

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