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Celebrities talk about annoying trends

OUTRAGEOUS. Fashion has evolved. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE asked some celebrities about the fashion trends that annoy them.

Bugingo Hannington-Comedian
I dislike men who wear buggy trousers that almost reach their chest. it’s outrageous because they look funny. He adds that combination clothes in colours such as red and yellow are a put off.

Daggy Nyce, NTV Presenter
can stand extreme damage jeans that have come up. Damage jeans that show 90 per cent of your flesh,” he said. They don’t come off as serious. There other style that he hates is Kanye West’s Yeezy style.

Kyamagero, a news anchor, opines,
“You meet a very smart man with a well ironed shirt and trousers but crowing them with sandals at office. I’ve failed to comprehend that.”

Big Trill, a musician
hates belted blazers.. “There’s nothing practical about putting on my belt above my waist and restricting my breathing,” Everybody would think one wearing such is drunk.

Dj Slick Stuart
says the big trendy Balenciaga new Season of shoes and the tight men skinny pants. “I will let this trend pass me by,” he said.

Exodus, a Musician
says men who try to dress to the extreme disturb him. “There is something wrong and unfashionable about it,” he said. He also adds that Kanye West’s fashion sense is outrageous. PHOTOS BY ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

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