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Police monitor three bars over teen nude shows


A whistleblower has named three popular night clubs in Luweero District for gravely violating the children rights by hiring them to participate in pornographic night shows, which practice violates the Anti- Pornography Act 2014.

A detailed report brought to the attention of the Pornography Control   Committee (PCC) under the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity, by a whistleblower; castigates managers of the night clubs in Luweero Town for abusing and violating the rights of young girls hired to “entertain” revellers through nude dances.

Members of the District Security Committee and PCC named three Luweero top bars under investigation as Digito Pub, Executive Pub and Big-Up Pub- all located in Luweero Town Council.

The nine-member PCC was instituted by the government in 2017 to prevent the use or spread of pornographic materials and information.

The committee is also mandated to detect and prohibit pornography, apprehend and prosecute perpetrators, as well as collecting and destroying pornographic materials and objects.

According to Ms Phoebe Namulindwa, the Luweero Resident District Commissioner, who also chairs the District Security Committee, an intelligence team had already compiled a report detailing the irresponsible acts of parading young girls at the three-night clubs in Luweero Town.

“We are already disturbed by the news that our children have been dragged in pornographic acts by irresponsible owners of the night clubs, Ms Namulindwa said on Sunday. “We have since investigated the cases after a whistleblower approached PCC expressing the concern.”

Ms Hafisa Kabaganja Abbooki, a member of the PCC representing cultural leaders under the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity confirmed to Daily Monitor that the PCC got information about the illegal activities of the three Luweero-based nightclubs.

“For Luweero, while we got evidence about the acts, our actions after consultation with the district leaders are directed at ensuring that the population is sensitised. We opted to have the population sensitised before the strong arm of the law takes its course,” Ms Kabaganja said.

Savannah   Regional Police Commander, Mr Bosco Otim said the planned sensitisation by PCC members has delayed their operation where they hoped to arrest the people behind the illegal shows.

“We have now decided to give them time to reform as we monitor the different programmes at the mentioned night clubs in Luweero and the other urban areas,” he said.

Mr John Ssegujja, the proprietor Digito Pub, dismissed reports that his bar stages striptease shows featuring young girls.

“Whoever says that simply wants to tarnish the name of my business. I am also a parent, I cannot do that,” he said.

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