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Neon Rave party excites revelers in Mbarara

For the people in Mbarara, Good Friday was not the usual Fridays for them as their town hosted the Neon Rave party. The event that was in Jinja at the Bridge was happening in Mbarara for the very first time.

Some of the partiers were transported from Kampala in vans to go mix and mingle with the ones in Mbarara. Performances of the night included Party People, a famous dance group in Kampala that did several dance strokes that left the crowd hyped up.

New kids on the block Wendy & Roger Kent also got a chance to get on the Mbarara stage as they performed some of their songs. Mbarara top DJ known as Alberto worked out the crowd playing different songs mainly local songs before the left stage for DJ Crim.

Crim who scratches and hypes at the same time did what he does best and that is engaging the crowd, he got them singing to his tunes. The biggest highlight of the night was Vinka who came onto the stage to perform for the crowd that had already been waiting for her. She did some of her songs like  ‘Chips & Ketchup’, ‘Level’, ‘Malaika’ and ‘Overdose’ she indeed delivered her best in the event that is organized and Sponsored by Tusker Lite.

The Tusker Lite Neon Rave party will continue in different towns like Fort Portal and Gulu.

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