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Bobi Wine gets endorsed in Kenya

A Kenyan matatu bearing Bobi Wine’s face and name. COURTESY PHOTO

If you take a look at Necessary Noise’s ‘Kenyan Girl, Kenyan Boy’ music video, you will see (what we call public taxis in Uganda) with different graffiti.

This is what their public transportation means looks like and you won’t fail to recognize faces and names of some of the music legends painted on matatus in Nairobi.

With that said, Bobi Wine has become one of the first Ugandan musicians to have his face painted on a Kenyan Matatu.

The Ugandan legislator has his face and name on one of Kenya’s buses that takes the Kayole route.

This comes after the Ugandan Member of Parliament announced that he will be running for the big office a few weeks back. Kenyans strongly believe that Bobi is in a better position to be the next Ugandan president.

While being addressed by President Museveni a few days ago, some Kenyan students decided to chant Bobi Wine’s name on the streets in Nairobi.

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