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Nail the style today


SMART. Today is Easter, take these tips and nail the style, writes ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE.

Go for a print or a pattern especially floral. A print or pattern can comprise similar colours, contrasting ones or they can feature a single colour in more shades. They can even have only one bold colour and one (or more) neutrals, which will tone down their impact.
If you don’t want to be bold, pair it with a solid neutral; brown, gray, khaki and dark blue. For example, a floral shirt with light khaki blazer.

Business casual
A lightweight sweater should be considered with khaki pants or jeans. But the most important thing is to keep them fitting otherwise you might look like a clown if they are buggy or so tight. You can attend church and thereafter go for the Easter family mealtime.

Sports coat
Button-down shirts and a sports coat are what a man can wear to the family brunch and Sunday service. The sports coat can later be taken off when going for the afternoon activities such as a luncheon at the beach or to club. This look is classy, formal and simple.

With this unpredictable weather, we recommend that you stay warm yet formal. Go for a covered outfit (thick jacket, vest, shirt), as it can adapt easily to the weather. Wear a sports jacket with a dress shirt and a dressy pair of pants. The pants can be anything from dark wash jeans to khakis and jeans, as long as they fit you well.

Because it is jubilation time, this day is associated with pastel, or pale colours. These colours are beautiful and blend with the spirit of the day. They are approachable and calm and bring joy to the wearer. If you are not big on pale colours, you can opt for deep colours such as purple, orange and teal in a lighter shade.

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