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Janzi Band to officially launch own music instrument

Janzi Band, which is one of the local bands formed in 2009 by James Ssewakiranga known to many as Ssewa Ssewa had grown to become one of the best bands in Uganda.
The band is known for performing at different hangouts in Kampala and it comprises of members of play different instruments like Joseph Kizito now known as Jose Sax because of his Saxophone. Other instruments include the guitar, Piano, Akogo, Adungu and Percussions among others instruments.

The band after about 10 years of existence decided to come up with their own instruments were the members came together and made.

The instrument was made in 2017 and according to the Janzi Band Boss Ssewa Ssewa, he had always been marketing the instrument and it is the right time to officially launch it to join the list of other traditional made instruments.

The instrument that has been in music schools in countries like Germany, Sweeden and Switzerland for different workshops and it will finally be launched in Uganda on April 13 at Serena Hotel. Ssewa Ssewa will be the first musician in East Africa to invent a local made instruments.

The Janzi instrument looks exactly like the Adungu but the difference is that the Janzi has 22 strings side by side and the Adungu has only 12 strings.

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