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Chameleone sets conditions for musical battle against Bebe Cool

Chameleone and Bebe cool

Chameleone and Bebe cool

Singer Bebe Cool has in the past battled Bobi Wine and the Goodlyf crew while Chameleon battled Bobi Wine. There is, however, one battle that everyone is waiting for and that is a battle between two of Uganda’s biggest artistes.

A few years back, it was said terms and conditions were set for Bebe Cool and Chameleon to face off but that didn’t come to pass and ever since then, the matter was put to rest.

When we asked Chameleon about this battle, he said he is ready only if they are given unlimited time.

“We haven’t gotten someone to organize that battle the way I would like it to happen. That battle my friend is a big one. I would want a battle that has no time limit. I would want us to battle till morning. Anyone whose songs get done, walks off stage,” Chameleon said, adding that he wouldn’t want to be on stage for only two hours and then to have separate paths for his fans and those of Bebe Cool.

The two started their music journeys together while in Nairobi Kenya and are responsible for elevating the Ugandan music scene to the heights it is now.


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