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Video review: Banteeka – Fresh Kid

Fresh Kid

Fresh Kid stands ‘short’ among four members of the ‘SWAT’ team. He plays the role of their leader, as they watch over him, making sure no danger comes his way. The video opens with a dance choreography of this ‘SWAT’ class. Fresh Kid wears a crown to create a semblance of power, before ascending to his throne, probably announcing he is here to rule.

But you have got to fall in love with Fresh Kid’s presence. For a seven-year-old, he does not struggle to infuse his full presence into the video, you can feel his personality radiate through, bouncing off him onto the viewer. It is undeniable that the video was shot at lowest cost. There is no plot to follow.

The only effects you will see are video inversions. As the video gets monotonous, it progresses to the scene where Fresh Kid takes on the look of a young rastafari. He exists in style, with a funny dance move. It is the innocence of a kid!

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