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Police speaks out on Dorothy Shonga’s nude pictures

A photo montage of Dorothy Shonga and Fred Enanga.

Police is investigating circumstances under which Dorothy Shonga’s nude pictures were posted online.

The socialite, currently undergoing a messy divorce from husband Herbert Shonga, is having a rough time as she has to deal with that kind of publicity too.

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Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson has said that investigations are underway to bring the perpetrators to book.

“Dorothy Shonga’s nude pictures were posted on various social media platforms. It’s a crime and together with our cyber crimes unit we shall investigate who did this,” Enanga said.

Herbert and Dorothy. COURTESY PHOTOS

Dorothy is not the first Ugandan celebrity to suffer the misfortune of having pictures they took in their private time shared on social media. Celebs like Judith Heard, Desire Luzinda, Zari and Cindy have trended online due to leaked nude pictures.

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